Clean Windows Improve Your View of the World

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What do you imagine when you hear the term ‘window washer’? Perhaps you think of high swinging contraptions and balancing men with spray bottles and giant squeegees. Or maybe you think of that guy who scared the pants off you one morning at work. Recalling when you turned around to find him standing on the other side of the glass and you wound up with coffee down your front.

It’s more likely though that you’ve never really thought about it. How many people actually consider their windows much? We look through them to shop, wave to or spy on our neighbours, and occasionally to make sure the broccoli is out of our teeth.

But how often do you clean them?

I’m sure you clean the insides at least once a week to clear off your dog’s nose art or your child’s ever growing handprints.

But what about those windows at work? You love the view of passersby or the little birds you feed and while shooing away the neighbourhood cat. So it would be unfortunate for that view to be obstructed.

It doesn’t matter where you are you’ll always find windows or doors that present your house or business to the world.

Bristol Cleaning understands how important that view is to you. They are more than just buildings or pieces of land. You want the best for your home and business and we can help with all that upkeep. Be it landscaping, lawn work, or yes, window cleaning, Bristol Cleaning can do it all. We even help you set up your Christmas lights to keep your husband off the roof this winter. We’ll even make sure that once Christmas is over your lights come down before the snow melts.

So take a minute and think about your windows. Think about that garden you’ve been meaning to take care of. We can help.

Call Bristol Cleaning at 403-244-7279 to receive a no obligation quotation today.

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About Patrice Métivier

Patrice Métivier is an experienced window cleaner and savvy businessman, now serving residential and commercial clients in Calgary, AB.