Bristol Window Cleaning’s Calgary snow removal services ensure your driveways, sidewalks, and paths are clear of snow and ice. We bill on a monthly basis so we arrive promptly whenever it snows, even for trace amounts. We ensure your property is always safe and accessible.

Get Calgary’s premium snow removal service to ensure your property is always safe and accessible.

Bristol Window Cleaning provides a premium snow clearing service, serving only the central South West communities and the North-West area, so you can be sure your property is always snow and ice free. Our convenient monthly billing includes an unlimited number of clearings per month. Snow clearing is performed in any snowfall, including trace amounts. We always come within 24h of the start of a snowfall and this everyday until the snowfall stops. Then we perform an ice patrol to tidy up and ensure there is no build up.

Snow removal quotes

It is usually best for us to take a look at the property – we can then leave an exact quotation in your mailbox along with some information explaining what is offered and how you are covered. We need to know what areas you would like to be cleared (i.e City Walk, Driveway, Back-path etc)

For a wealth of information on snow removal, take time to read our article on choosing a good snow removal service.


Insurance & Safety

Safety is a primary concern here at Bristol Window Cleaning. We have a solid understanding of safety standards in our industry and require every employee’s training exceeds the industry standard. Our goal is to provide the safest work environment for everyone involved.

We are members of the “Alberta Construction Safety Association” which is recognized as the industry gold standard of safety. We are fully covered with $ 5 million in liability insurance and are fully WCB covered.

  • We employ a zero accident tolerance policy and have been accident free since the beginning in 2007.
  • Our staff is fully trained and experienced and all carry ariel platform, fall arrest and fall protection certification.
  • Safety First: we go ‘above & beyond’ the required certification necessary. aLL staff under-go a comprehensive training course and receive ongoing up to date on site and handbook training in line with the IWCA recommendations.
  • Above ‘Part – 9’: aLL staff performing aerial descent work take a Rope Access Training & Certification course provided by R.A.C. This covers all aspects of rope access safety in window cleaning and includes rescue training.
  • Our staff carry all the CCE certified PPE, descent equipment, training and experience to comply with all construction and non-construction job-site safety regulations.